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What families say about cute puppy time

“Cute puppy time offer an amazing sevice. I can’t tell you how incredibley happy I am with my adorable Beagle Budy. I trust this team and I would recommend the to everybody”

Sara, a happy Beagle owner living in Quatar


Or just want to say hello.

Breeder Inspection

Our Cute Puppy Time team inspects the breeder’s location. We also interview the breeders and staff thoroughly. We discuss the health of the puppies and discuss how and when we will transport the puppies to the new owners.

Commited to You and your Puppy

We are your guarantee. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the puppy, transporting the puppy or being scammed. We work for you and your new puppy! You can call us at any time! This is a very important decision in your life.

Fully vaccinated and dewormed puppy

We check with the Vet that all vaccines are up to date.After this is all confirmed we either pick up your puppy for transport or schedule the pickup. This is critical. Timing for transport must be in a specific timeframe. Trust us. We do this right!

Life time health gaurantee

You get a healthy puppy. Backed by our industry-leading health guarantee and up-to-date on all vaccinations. We make sure all paperwork and vaccines are ready at transport time. We cannot guarantee show quality because these are living individuals and we cannot control genetics. This makes sense!

Pre departure Check up with vet

We require all puppies to be check out again by a vet 48 hrs. before transport. All paperwork is double checked. Everything must be perfect.

Safely shipped

We have several options for transport. We have been transporting puppies and dogs for over 10 years. You can choose if you want VIP transport(One person transports your puppy the whole time).You can also choose transport from Airport to Airport (You pick up your puppy at the airport).