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How do I know the breeder will not scam me?

Our Cute Puppy Time team will guarantee each puppy and breeder. We personally visit the breeders.
You are not paying the breeder. You are paying us. So, we can guarantee you will get your puppy!

What is the 100% Guarantee?

Our puppies are 100% guaranteed to be in good health and free of any signs of infection and any contagious or communicable diseases at time of delivery to your house. More details on the Guarantee Page.

Can you guarantee a champion?

No. No breeder can guarantee a champion. Each puppy is unique.

How do I ship the puppy?

We take can of the shipping process and all papers needed. You can either pick up your puppy from
your nearest Airport or we can deliver to your home.

What medical treatment does the puppy get before coming home?

All breeders will provide your puppy with shots and de-worming appropriate for the puppy’s age. We will ask the breeder what vaccinations your puppy has received and when the last de-worming was done. We will also make sure the breeder has had your puppy checked out by a vet. You will also get a report on the health of your puppy from the vet.

What personality will my puppy have?

A puppy’s personality is a combination of genes and environment. The early environment provided by
the breeder can have a lifelong impact on how your puppy behaves as an adult. All breeders will provide adequate socialization.

Warning: If someone is giving you a free puppy and all you must do is send money for shipping it is probably a SCAM.

100% Guarantee

Beware of Scammers: We visit every breeder. We give you a 100% guarantee.

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