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Cute Puppy Time was created with the clear sense of purpose towards a better, more efficient way to match breeders and breed enthusiasts while they try to find each other in an effort to secure new families for purebred puppies. 100% guarantee. We recognized the need for a website where breeders and potential buyers can build trust.Secure Transaction.

In 2016, Cute Puppy Time, LLC was founded on the belief that there is nothing in the world like the boundless love of a dog. Each member of our staff has been personally affected by a dog, the memory of whom will warm our hearts forever. We feel that everyone should have, and would benefit from this experience. We also feel that finding what you need to care for and pamper your precious pet should be convenient, fun, and informational.

Why we do this

We are based in Chicago, IL. We have offices in Paris, Dubai, Munich, Miami, Chicago and Barcelona.Our staff is energetic, close-knit, and committed to uniting our customers with the ideal furry friend. Why? Because we know what it is like to be greeted by a wagging tail and a wet nose at the door at the end of the day. We believe in matching the right puppy with the right person or family.

We’re the kind of people who know our neighbors by their dog’s names. We love the dog beach and the sound of a snoring mutt in the corner. We know that any sorrow can be lessened by the gentle nuzzle of an adoring pet, and we are dedicated to spreading that loving affection. We’re a team of dog owners and enthusiasts of various breeds who work together tirelessly to make puppy selection a better and more enjoyable experience.

Warning: If someone is giving you a free puppy and all you must do is send money for shipping it is probably a SCAM.

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Beware of Scammers: We visit every breeder. We give you a 100% guarantee.

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